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Two early games


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LB Ray Lewis can still get it done
Last night was a 2-1 day as Iowa really gave that game away with their special teams. Two morning games   will try to get my NFL record off the ground. I can't seem to pick a winner in the NFL.

Baltimore  @ Cincinnati 
The Bengals are the most over ratted team in the NFL. The Ravens defense will hold the Bengals offense down and Flacco will get up and down the field their defense.


Tampa Bay @ Carolina
TB just plain stinks. Carolina can play a little. Carolina must be licking their chops to see Tampa coming in as they were destroyed by the Giants lat week.


Three teams for Saturday


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Gonna keep it simple as I have three teams for today.

Jake Locker
Maryland @ West Virginia
Maryland is struggling on offense. W. Virginia can score the ball and escaped Marshall with an overtime victory last week. They come home and lay the wood to a young Maryland team.


Nebraska @ Washington
The Cornhuskers are making a move on the national scene here as they travel to Seattle to face the Huskies. A tale of two QB's here as Nebraska sends out a young Martinez and the Huskies counter with maybe the number one pick in next years NFL draft in Jake Locker.

Jewel Hampton

Iowa @ Arizona
Big Ten vs Pac 10 as Iowa travels to Tucson to take on the Wildcats. Iowa is coming off a total domination of Iowa State. The Wildcats are looking for a national following as they strive for some national respectability.


Monday Night Football double dip


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 Rivers will not have McNeil protecting the left side
Yesterday was another juice out as the Colts have no idea how to stop the run. Green Bay is the real deal and will favorites in a lot of their games. I have one game tonight.

San Diego Chargers @ Kansas City Chiefs
San Diego is playing without three offensive starters from last season 13-3 AFC West Championship team. Two are holdouts and Tomlinson has taken his services to the Jets. Kansas City has a new offensive coordinator in Charlie Weiss. Chiefs QB Cassel is not one of the NFL's best at his position and that will be the downfall tonight for Kansas City.